Advanced Aluminium Cutting

ShapeCUT has two Aluminium Routers that represent the state-of-the-art in custom routing technology.

Our growing range of aluminium routers is all part of our continued commitment to expand our capability to meet the demands of local industry.

Cutting Edge Routers

Our heavy-duty routers can cut up to 42mm thick aluminium plates up to 2.5m wide and a staggering 12m long.

The long bed size means that one 6m long plate, for example, can be cut as another is loaded on, making for a significant reduction in downtime.

If that wasn’t enough, the routers provided by A.R.T. (Advanced Robotics Technology) have the requisite safety screens, alignment laser pointers and wireless controllers to ensure the team will deliver exactly what was designed. The precise cutting heads ensure that every job is done with accuracy, ease and a top-quality finish.

For all of your aluminium cutting needs,Contact ShapeCUTtoday on1800 ShapeCUT (1800 742 732)or find out more about our other金博宝188备用地址.

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