Save On Warehousing Costs

ShapeCUT is all about creating the most efficient way to meet customer needs – and this extends to keeping your stock in our on-site managed warehouse facility, drastically reducing production lead times.

Cost savings can be achieved by ordering your steel profile cutting in bulk quantities, but those savings are quickly eroded by paying for off-site storage and transport if you don’t immediately need the entire order.

At our steel processing centre on the outskirts of Brisbane, we have the warehousing space and transport logistics expertise to safely store your precision-cut steel components until you need them. And when you do, we can have those vital components delivered where you need them, the same day, or the next day.

Accurate Inventory Management

Our118金宝搏BET not only manufactures precision cut steel, we are experts at keeping tabs on exactly what we have in-house. Our inventory and logistics management processes are what allows us to manage Queensland’s largest in-house range of steel, aluminium and stainlesssteel stock.

Our range ofstocked steel plate给我们的客户快速精确的gr的访问ade, size and thickness they need. We can meet your quantity requirements quickly and store the surplus securely – ready to be retrieved and delivered where you need it,when you need it.

For a warehousing solution for your business,contact ShapeCUTtoday on1800 ShapeCUT (1800 742 732)or find out more about our other金博宝188备用地址.

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